Bongs For Beginners

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So you want to buy a bong...

Maybe you're moving up from a pipe to a bong, or maybe you've already stopped to 'dip your toes in the 'bong-water' with a standard water pipe -- but today we're looking at taking a step up to top-notch quality with all the elements required for clean, precise inhales at your own preferred power level.

This guide breaks it down with all the most important features, and will also touch on some ways to make your bong last, enhancing with attachments, and even some one-of-a-kind collections for inspiration.

Bigger isn't better. Remember kids, size matters - a lot. Think about your lung capacity. A bong that would be great for a 6 foot tall opera singer would be bad for a 5 foot tall person with asthma. What matters is how smooth the ride is. If you are new to the world of cannabis, maybe look at a quality bong like the MWP Rasta Bong.

Need something sturdy because you've got kids, pets or clumsy room mates? If so, you might want a bong that's a bit sturdier in build. Or, at least, a bong that is easy to replace like the old faithful Billy Bud Large Water Pipe.

Cleaning your bong is the best way to ensure longevity of your bonza. ALWAYS clean your bong with quality product like Kush Kleen

Lastly, if a bong isn't for you, look at a dry herb vape like the Tesla Terminator
High Note Bongs have a tobacco license and a wealth of experience. Reach out today and ask us anything.

Peace out, folks