What Is A Chamber And Why Are They Used?

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Ok guys, let's talk water chambers, commonly known as 'chambers'.

A water chamber works simultaneously with a down stem.

If you want to enjoy a smooth pull without the cough, a chamber bong is your ace in the hand.

Smoke will travel from the down stem and immediately into the water chamber where the water allows for the smoke to cool before reaching its next point - the bong.

Chambered bongs are the best type of bongs for ensuring a clean, smooth and cool hit. They come in many styles and fun designs. The most popular is the light bulb design. Each chamber contains a separate water chamber to amplify the filtration process. This provides the highest smoke filtration as the smoke is filtered not through just one water chamber instead double the amount.

The chamber allows the smoke to be filtered back to back through the slits and holes as it moves in an upward direction.

But how how much water do I fill the bong with???

The main things you want to remember:

  • Fill just above the slits. Yes slits, not sluts LMFAO.
  • All the openings and slits should be bubbling. 
  • Just experiment until you enjoy the experience and it makes sense.
  • You can always add more water as long as it does not splash up.
  • Make sure the water level suits you.

Hope this helps and peace out

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