Why Clean Your Bong?

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Imagine this. You've taken a prime pull. tasty, clear, and you're higher than Richard Branson right now.
How did you get here exactly? Because you've got a crystal clean water pipe.
Below are some pretty solid reasons why you should always have a sparkling clean slider.
Experience Better Tasting Kush
Think about it, do you really think putting your new stash into an old, dirty cone piece is delicious? Would you cook your prime rib in a dirty saucepan that has been sitting there for days?
Imagine the taste. Even worse, imagine the bacteria, pathogens, and other disease-causing microorganisms roaming free in that bubbler!
A neat and clean bong with fresh water makes your smoking experience pop with prime flavours. The filtration of your smoke is also better and more efficient in uncontaminated water. Toxins, tar, ash, and harsh compounds are filtered to ensure your lungs and throat receive a smooth, clean, and cool hit.
Get Stoned Faster
If you ask a smoker, there's nothing more annoying than a clogged bonza! Smoking your weed out of a bong is essentially blazing it in one sitting; You can take massive tokes and enjoy a faster uptake and speedy onset of its effects. Ideally, a bong is made to get you stoned quicker and safer than any regular pipes. But this effect is dependent on how clean or dirty your bong is.
For obvious reasons, you might never get stoned or high out of a dirty bong. The best hits of your stash come from a clean glass piece as the high THC levels in your smoke will move more rapidly without any resin or dirt standing in its way. You can expect to get stoned and chained to your couch a few minutes into the session.
Enjoy Smoother Hits
The idea behind the invention of bongs was to create a smoother and cooler smoke for stoners and to help them take massive hits without unwanted side effects or hits going harsh on your lungs.
Solid substances and grime, dirt, tar, and toxins don't take long to build up in your bong water. Contaminated bong water might never filter microorganisms or even cool your smoke. But fresh water has the power to cool your smoke and give you smoother tokes that go straight to your lungs.
Dirty Bong Water
Bong water is the water that rests in your bong chamber to clean your smoke. It cleans your smoke by filtering substances like tar, toxins, and bits of cannabinoids such as THC. These substances quickly build up in your water, and one giveaway will be a bad taste and smell on your cannabis smoke. If the bong water is not changed regularly, you'll be risking your good health. Bacteria and mould love swimming in dirty bong water and they can cause respiratory issues.
Take Away: Why Should You Keep Your Bong Clean?
The more resin you let build up in your bong, the harder it becomes to clean it.
Finding the motivation to clean your bong regularly is not easy. But if you genuinely care for your health and respect a good cannabis experience, keeping up with the daily maintenance of your bong doesn't have to feel like an impossible task. At the very least, you should consider dumping out and changing your bong water each day after a pot session.
Hot Water Method
This method is also ideal for those who would rather avoid using any solution-based products. Note that using boiling water on a cold bong could make it shatter.
Disassemble the smaller pieces and stems of your bong and put in a container. Add enough hot water to submerge every piece. Secure the lid and leave the parts to soak over night.
Add enough water to fill the bong to the brim and secure all openings with duct tape or any heat-resistant Wear gloves before shaking the bong.
Use warm water to rinse the glass pieces and repeat. Do not use cold water as the temperature shock can shatter it.
Though this method may not be effective for an especially dirty bong with heavy residue and stain build up, it is ok for those who regularly clean their bongs
Commercial Bong Cleaning Products
There is a huge variety of bong cleaning products that you can use to clean your piece and prevent future resin and grime build ups. Sounds great, right?
We recommend Kush Kleen or 710, along with some good old fashioned bottle brushes.
These products are specifically made to clean and keep your beautiful bong safe for use. Even better, most of these products are plant-based and made out of natural ingredients, meaning they are safe and non-toxic.
Empty the liquid in your bong and rinse it out well with warm water.
Disassemble the pieces of your bong and soak them in some more cleaner.
Seal tightly and leave the pieces to soak overnight.
Always rinse thoroughly and allow your bong to dry before use.
Stay rad my friends,