Dome less Quartz Nail For Oil Bongs - Female 18.8mm

Dome less Quartz Nail For Oil Bongs - Female 18.8mm - High Note Bongs

Dome less Quartz Nail For Oil Bongs - Female 18.8mm


Dome less Quartz Nail For Oil Bongs - Female 18.8mm

This dome less female quartz nail for oil bongs is used for placing your oil.

It comes with a female joint of 18.8mm diameter fitting any corresponding male joint of 18.8mm diameter.

Step by Step Guide to Dabbing with a Dome less Nail

There are many different kinds of nails, and each bring with the unique traits and benefits. Every dab enthusiast strives to have the best oil rig – it’s an art form in the community. Everyone has individual preferences, but there is one debate within the community that seems as if it will never be resolved: domeless nails vs. domed nails. There are numerous ways to consume your dabs, but perhaps the most important thing for the frequent user to consider is the many different pros and cons associated with different styles of nails and rigs. Exploring these differences is critical to find your ideal rig.

1.  Grab the wax with the dab tool and put a small amount on the end of the tool. 
2.  Heat the nail with the blowtorch for 30-40 seconds or until the glass or quartz is red hot.
3.  Wait until the nail is at your desired temperature (depends on your preferences)
4.  Place the end of the dabber into the dome less nail, and then wipe the melting wax into the plate and then cover with a carb cap
5.  Take your pull as the nail surface vaporizes the wax


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